Why Join the SacredWater Walk?

Sacred water walk, reconnecting with our source. 


Walking with the presence and wisdom of Grandmother Carole Bubar-Blodgett. 


Connecting with ourselves and our neighbors.  


Learning our watershed, witnessing our biological and spiritual interconnectedness. 


Building relationships with each other and the Water with which to act on behalf of the Water; protecting it, respecting it, healing with it. 


Paying attention to the Water, which is our source, which is life. 


A walk to witness, offer respect, gratitude and care for the SacredWater; 

A moving prayer, carrying the Water, learning ourselves by learning the Water. 


Participating together in indigenous ceremony. 


An opportunity to come together as people of many faiths and no particular faith, connected in and by the Water. 


Gather your self and your communities and join the SacredWater walk. Walk for one day, a portion of a day, or for many days.


Support the walk with housing, funds for foods and other supply needs. Build movements of respect, gratitude and care for the Water. 

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