Nominate a river for the 2019 Water is Life Walk!

Grandmother Carole is now accepting rivers and waterways into consideration for next year’s SacredWater Walk. Please click here (and scroll down) to submit your recommendation!

Deadline: December 21, 2108—The Winter Solstice

This collection of recommended waterways is the beginning of a spiritual process involving prayer and a strict adherence to protocol.

Photo by Imleedh Ali on Unsplash.

Every year, Grandmother Carole takes four rivers into prayer and waits for Spirit to guide her. Once Spirit has selected the river, Carole approaches members of the indigenous people who traditionally held the stewardship of that SacredWater and its watershed. This protocol phase involves respect for tradition and also honors the responsibility Native peoples have always taken to care and tend for the Mother, our Earth.


Please feel free to contribute funds for the 2019 Walk. Help us make this year the first time since Grandmother began nine years ago that all her expenses can be paid upfront with no debt!

Imleedh Ali

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