9th Annual Water is Life Walk – Mahacanattuck River

The 9th Annual Water is Life Walk will be for the Muhheakantuck or Mahacanattuck, now known as the Hudson River in New York. We will walk Source to Sea. The Source is Lake Tear of the Clouds in Keene, NY. Sea is Liberty State Park, NJ.

Every day we will walk along the river, carrying the Headwaters down to the Sea, where we will rejoin them, and for the first time in 500 years (or more) they will arrive to the Sea clean and pure as intended. They will bypassing all the dams and sewer treatment plants, commercial and agricultural contamination, pipeline leaks, tailing pond leaks etc. PLEASE COME and walk with us. Walk for the Water that Birthed you and supports your life every day. PLEASE BRING THE CHILDREN AND YOUTH, this is their future we are creating. Walk a block, a mile, a day, a few days or the whole month. You can join any time, any day, anywhere along the route. CAN’T WALK? Come and drive a follow car. There are lots of ways to join this prayer for the SacredWater that supports ALL LIFE.

Each day will give every walker the opportunity to make a change, within themselves and the communities we walk through. Most important, you will be walking the Prayer for the Water of All Life. Each step is a prayer, there will be many ceremonies each day as we walk down the river. Come and help Heal the Water by first Healing your personal Connection to the WATER ~ for the HUMAN to WATER Connection is very broken.

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