Uncí Carole interviewed on National Public Radio!

9th Annual Water is Life Walk Spotlights the Hudson River

Hudson River Bureau Chief Allison Dunne interviewed Grandmother Carole near the end of the 2019 SacredWater Walk.

Listen to the full interview here.


Carole Blodgett is wrapping up her ninth annual Water is Life Walk, the first to include the Hudson River. Blodgett has been carrying water from the Hudson’s source to New York Harbor, where she’ll empty it into the sea. It’s part of her mission to restore the human-to-water connection. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne caught up with Blodgett toward the end of her walk.

Grandmother nurturing the children.

Called Grandmother Carole, or Unci Carole by many around her, Blodgett has Penobscot lineage through her maternal grandmother but was not raised in the tribe.

She began her walk June 3 at the source of the Hudson in the Adirondacks. Along the way, she spent time with many, including staff at Riverkeeper in Kingston at the Hudson River Maritime Museum. And she describes what has impacted her most along the Hudson.

Blodgett’s previous walk was along the Housatonic River.

*apologies the entire interview was not transcribed by WAMC.

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