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Moccasin Tracks – Water Is Life Walks Housatonic River 2018

Moccasin Tracks joined the Water Is Life Walk Housatonic River May 23-24 and recorded a little with Grandmother Carole Bubar-Blodgett, organizer and Prayer Bundle Keeper. This is the 8th Water Is Life Walk Grandmother Carole has organized. We also talked with Grandmother Rema Loeb who is also a member of the Sugar Shack Alliance, grassroots opposition to fracking, pipelines and other water desecrations. She shares a little of her experience at the Sacred Stone Camp where she joined the Indigenous Resistance to the DAPL Pipeline. Grandmother Rema tells us about her sacred responsibility to water. Its always an honor to talk to the Grandmothers and the Water Protectors. more info about this years Water Is Life Walk at and find on Facebook at Water Is Life Walks

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Grandmother Carole Bubar-Blodgett on Receiving Gifts While On River Walk

This is a question we asked of Grandmother Carole Bubar-Blodgett while doing support for the Water Is Life Walks Housatonic River 2018. We reflected on the days walk and asked Grandmother Carole to reflect with us what she gained by doing this prayer walk. She tells us everyone can take the opportunity to receive these same gifts by joining on this Walk. Moccasin Tracks was on the walk just for 2 days May 23 and 24 and we are grateful to everyone who walked with us and shared feelings and words to be broadcast May 29 on Moccasin Tracks broadcast at and locally at 90.1FM. We’ll make another podcast and video will be posted soon!! Recordings include Grandmother Carole, Grandmother Rema and words from the Walkers who joined in gathering the headwaters. on Moccasin Tracks is broadcast on WRUV FM Burlington and archived at for one week (go to> schedule and scroll down to Moccasin Tracks Moccasin Tracks is syndicated weekly on Pacifica Radio Network

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Moccasin Tracks – Water Is Life Walk Merrimack River #3

Water Is Life Walk Merrimack River with Grandmother Carole Buber-Blodgett in Manchester, New Hampshire with Fawn Gaudet and Deb Reger. We read Carole’s press release as the pictures of the walk cross the screen. Find more info on

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