June 8, 2018



Celebrating SacredWater: A “Water is Life Walk” Special Event


  • Grandmother Carole Bubar-Blodgett
  • Live Original Music: Lindsey Peterson
  • Comedy: Steph Kent
  • ....and more!
Grandmother exulting in the knowledge of the stones at the Stone Church
in Dover, NY.

Join us for an evening of humor, music, information and ceremony, in honor of the Howsatunnuck River (the Housatonic) and its entire watershed.

Friday, June 8, 2018, will be the 25th of 28 days of Walking!

We have walked the entire length of the river from Washington MA to Monroe CT on our way to Stratford where the river meets the Sea.

We have collected Source Water from five headwaters and the stream at the Dover Stone Church, and carried them with us the entire path.  Please join us as we celebrate the accomplishment and continue to direct attention to healing the wounded waters of the earth.

Anne and Tim Hughes have graciously offered their spacious home studio for this event:

67 North Street

Easton, CT

6:30 – 8:30pm

Please arrive beginning at 6pm.

Anne writes: “Additional parking on same side of the street at 47 North St. by the Big Garage, 2 driveways down, white gates will be open.  Bring your instruments and let’s bless the Water and the Walkers next to the Mill River’s stream-fed pond.  We may be outside in the screened Gazebo with the bistro lights by the pond, depending on number of participants. Follow the music!”


Want to see a 4 minute testimony of the earlier version of this show? Click this link!


Video: PrayerBundle in the wind.


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