2014 – Cheyenne River

Water is Life Walk ~ Cheyenne River Journal

Day 1 ~ July 26 ~ highest elevation 3214 ~ We are walking the RED ROAD in more ways than one ~ the red dust covers us, the van and everything inside. The Chinli trail has started ~ improved gravel, dirt, 2 track roads and feet are the only way to get to the Source. Thanks to rancher Betty for giving us directions to Antelope Creek when we ended up on the wrong “unnamed” road. Thanks to Dean for the Fiddleback Ranch for directions to the convergence of Dry Fork and Antelope Creeks ~ the Headwaters. Sadly there were only small sections of standing water in both creeks ~ lots of mud and animal tracks 2 feet deep in the mud ~ Dean had warned us “watch out for the mud and quicksand. The creek banks where 6- 8 feet above the bottoms ~ no usable access to the Source. We will try again tomorrow for access to flowing water here at the headwaters.

Day 2 ~ July 27 ~ highest elevation 4498 ~ Still on these beautiful Red Roads ~ thank you to a young man from Fiddleback Ranch who guided us down a 2 track to a beaver dam about a mile down in back of his house where the water usually runs due to the beaver dam. The look on his face when he saw the water was about a foot below the dam was heartbreaking ~ he shook his head and apologized ~ I thanked him and said this is what I need then we fed the Water and gathered Source Water from the beaver dam. He guided us back to the road and said I have to go I have groceries in my truck I need to put away. The locals are all so helpful and appreciative ~ 8 years of drought and they are pleased others see their need and understand that “Nothing Lives Without Water”. We have saved a lot of walking miles due to their guidance and direction.

Day 3 & 4 ~ July 28 & 29 ~ highest elevation 3497 ~ thank you to the XB ranch for allowing us to gained access to the dry river bed and a small feeder spring ~ no walking in the afternoon due to transmission fluid leak ~ guess the 2 tracks where rougher than we thought ~ appointment for tomorrow AM so we will have hot showers, flush toilets and sleep in beds tonight in the Rainbow Motel across the road. NO wifi so I will post this and pictures soon!

Day 5 ~ July 30 ~ highest elevation 4396 ~ thank you to Outlaw Motors in Newcastle, WY for a quick repair to the tyranny line ~ they cut and spliced to keep the cost down!!

Fed the water and Source Water Healing in the first section of flowing river! Nice finish to a long day. ENTERED SOUTH DAKOTA ~ We are almost a whole day ahead due to the help of locals that ended up cutting miles off the planned route! Writing this in word at the campground in Edgemont, SD

Day 6 ~ July 31 ~ elevation 4398 ~ change in route to keep us closer to the road ~ walked through Edgemont, SD on 10th St to Old Hwy 18S towards Hot Springs, SD ~ Thank you for the free camp site at Allen Ranch and Campground for the work wit the Water asked to come back on the 18th to speak for the Water at the Public comment day about the Uranium Mining with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

(Copied, with gratitude and respect, from Brian Raven Redbone’s original Water Is Life Walk site.)