2015 – Quineboag River

July 16, 2015 – July 31, 2015

FROM: The Headwaters in Mashapaug Pond, Bigelow Hollow State Park in Union, CT
TO: The Convergence of Quinebaug River and Shetucket River

The theme for the Water is Life Walk ~ Quinebaug River is the same theme of all the walks, since 2011: “Ni guh Izhi chigay Nibi onji.” (“I will do it for the water.”) Josephine Mandamin decided to walk, and others joined her and others are inspired by her to walk for the SacredWater. Carole Blodgett is one of those that has been inspired.

Carole says, “Walking the Water is a healing prayer, every step is a prayer not just for healing the water but for healing the broken connection between human beings and the water that is the SOURCE OF ALL LIFE. We have forgotten the sacred nature of the water, as we have begun to see it as a RESOURCE to be bought and sold. The waters of the Last Green Valley sustain the life of the human beings ~ the trees that hold the water within the soil and provide the air we breathe ~ the foods that feed us, the animals that bring beauty and balance to the forests, fields and farms ~ the animals that make our milk and feed us all ~ and our children spend their first 9 months immersed in it.” This is an Indigenous-led Interfaith walk, for we all must come together now to heal the SacredWater ~ we are seeing Water Wars throughout the US and the world ~ oil spills, fracking, radiation contamination, GMOs and Chemical contamination are decimating the SacredWater. If we do not know what is happening in and near our watershed we cannot protect the Source ~ nothing and No One lives without water. We will gather the clear, clean waters of the headwaters, Mashapaug Pond, and we will walk carrying the water every step of the way. Singing and praying for Nibi, the SacredWater of All Life. Our ancestors cut these waters in their dugout and birch bark canoes from source to the sea with many portage trails alone the way! As we travel down the river we will address the 16 dams along the river. Each dam obstructs the natural flow of the water, the fish and wildlife needed to sustain a healthy river. Each dam creates a catch-basin for pollutants and organic waste from the mills and communities upstream so the pollution builds up as we go down the river.
You do not have to belong to a Tribal Nation for this to affect you ~ we where all born of the water ~ all our children where born of the water and all our grandchildren will be born of the water ~ if we do nothing WHAT KIND OF WATER will they spend those first 9 months in?
What can I do to help? SHOW UP ~ any time ~ any day ~ any where along the river. Women come and Carry the Water, help with cooking, watch after the children.

1 ~ Open your home or yard to feed lunch or dinner to the walkers.
2 ~ Set up a watering station alone the road when we get to your town (NO BOTTLED WATER PLEASE) all walkers will carry refillable water bottles.
3 ~ Donate firewood for the Sacred Fire.
4 ~ Plan an evening event and gather neighbors ~ you find the place and we will come and share why we are walking.
5 ~ Prepaid gas cards for the follow car ~ carrying snacks and water, medical
6 ~ Contact us and we can let you know what we need that you can offer.
7 ~ If you can, click the DONATE button https://waterislifewalk.wordpress.com/donate/. Your funds will pay for camp sites, food, firewood and gas for the support car that will follow the walkers and carry elders who want to join but can not walk.

(Copied, with gratitude and respect, from Brian Raven Redbone’s original Water Is Life Walk site.)